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Samuel Fellows

Sam Fellows is a PhD student in Quantitative and Systems Biology. He received his Master's of Science degree from San Diego State University and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He is currently studying...

Alex Ho

Alex Ho is a PhD student in Applied Mathematics.

Harrison Ho

Harrison Ho is a PhD student in Quantitative & Systems Biology.

Zunaria Iqbal

Zunaira is a PhD student in the Cognitive & Information Science program. Her advisors are Dr. Kristina Backer and Dr. Michael Spivey. She graduated from University of California, Davis in 2019 with a B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in biology...

Jacques-Ezechiel Nguessan

Jacques-Ezechiel (Jacques) Nguessan completed his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kennesaw State University, and worked on designing mechanical and opto-mechanical systems. Since Fall of 2019, he is pursuing a PhD degree in Mechanical...